Grunge DNA Will Be Back On Stage For It’s Next Show On Saturday February 8th 2020 At The Inn Between In North Royalton Ohio From 8PM to 12AM

Hello Grunge Heads!!! Grunge DNA is ready to take a much deserved one week break from the stage, but we will be back at just one week later fully recharged and ready to rock. The next show for the band is scheduled on Saturday February 8th 2020 and we will be playing at the Inn Between Bar and Grill in North Royalton. The music will kick off at 8:00 PM and we will be playing three full sets of your favorite 90’s rock all the way until at least midnight. If you have seen Grunge DNA at this bar before, than you know that you need to get there early to grab a seat because the Inn Between loves them some Grunge DNA and we love the bar right back. Thank you for the support and we will see you on Saturday February 8th 2020 at the Inn Between. LET’S GET GRUNGY!!!

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