Booking Info

Are you a fan of 90’s rock and grunge?   Of course you are!!!  

Did you grow up wearing flannel shirts wrapped around your waist?  Of course you did!!!

We have great news!!!  Grunge DNA is just the band for you!!!

Grunge DNA is a 90’s rock and grunge cover band based in Cleveland Ohio but we are more than just that.   Grunge DNA is truly a band for any occasion.  Grunge DNA is more than capable of playing any type of show in any type of setting.  Here is a list of things to consider when booking the band.

  • Every band member in Grunge DNA is a true professional.  We are respectful and courteous when we play and we treat every venue  that we play like it was our own.  You never have to worry about the band creating a problem.
  • Every member of Grunge DNA plays music because we love it and it is fun to do what we do.  We believe that the passion that we demonstrate on stage to play these songs encourages the audience to have fun along with us.  We are an engaging band that works hard at provide an entertaining show for everyone.
  • Grunge DNA has played more than 350 shows and/or events in approximately 100 different venues throughout the band’s history.  We are a seasoned band with plenty of experience and we always put on an entertaining show.
  • Grunge DNA’s song list is approximately 150 songs long.   The odds are in your favor that we can play a song from your favorite 90’s rock band.  If it is not on our song list than we will do our best to learn it assuming that the song is appropriate for what we do.
  • Grunge DNA can play for two hours, three hours, four hours, five hours or more. 
  • Grunge DNA can play at a bar, tavern, restaurant, festival, wedding, birthday party, graduation, anniversary party, work event and so much more.
  • Grunge DNA can play an acoustic show as well.  We are rock band first and foremost, but it is not a problem at all to quiet things down if your event/venue does not require the full band sound.
  • Grunge DNA can provide full sound and lighting if necessary.  We have professional equipment that will work in almost any size room.
  • If you are a bar/tavern and you are interested in hiring the band please remember that we do have a fan base and a following.  We will bring people into your establishment and they will spend money.   We work hard at promoting each and every event that we play.  Grunge DNA has totaled more than 2500 likes on Facebook.
  • Pricing for Grunge DNA can vary based upon the date of the event, the location of the event, the length of the event and/or any additional things that may be required. Official pricing can be discussed once all the details are revealed.  If your budget is a concern do not worry.  The band is flexible with our pricing and we do not want the money to be the final deciding factor.  Let’s talk and we will do whatever we can to fit things into your budget.

You can see all of the contact information below.  You can make a phone call and/or you can send an e-mail if you want to inquire about the band for your venue/event.   We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your taking the time to learn more about Grunge DNA.

Contact Info

  • David Jenkins
  • (216) 978-6651