Update On The Grunge DNA Schedule Of Events And How It Will Be Effected By The COVID-19 Stay At Home Mandate Extension Until May 1st 2020

Hello Grunge Heads and good day to all of you. Every member of Grunge DNA would like to begin by saying that we hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy during this crazy crisis. We deeply miss all of you and we absolutely can not wait for this crazy new life to come to an end. Being on stage, rocking out and hanging out with all of you is something that we love to do and we can’t possibly tell you how much we miss it. Secondly, the band wants to say that we are very sorry to report that we have to cancel three more shows in the month of April due to the extension of the stay at home mandate in the state of Ohio. The governor of Ohio extended the mandate through May 1st 2020 which means that we have to cancel the Yorktown Lanes show on April 11th, the Mugg Shotz show on April 18th and the Islander Bar and Grill show on April 24th. We are truly sorry about that, but as you know it is completely out of our control. And finally, the band wants to thank all of you for the support that you have given to us over the years and we truly look forward to seeing all of you at a future Grunge DNA show once this Coronavirus pandemic comes to an end. Wishing you the best…Patrick, Josh, Jim and David