Grunge DNA Weathered The Cleveland Blizzard Of 2019 And We Look Ahead To The Smedley’s Show On Friday January 25th Starting At 10 PM

Hello to everyone out there in Grunge DNA land. We have good news to report and we want to update you on what is going on with the band. First things first, it appears that every member of the band made it home alive after our show on Saturday January 19th at the Union House. Snowmageddon 2019 here in Cleveland Ohio was certainly an adventure for us all but we blasted through it and we have an ever lasting memory to boot. Grunge DNA had a really great time playing the show at the Union House and we want to thank the new ownership at the bar for letting the show go on despite every other bar in the area cancelling their live music. But most importantly, the band wants to thank the many friends and fans of Grunge DNA that trucked it out in that crazy weather to support the band and to rock out with us at the show. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Looking ahead to the next show, Grunge DNA is scheduled to take the stage at Smedley’s on Friday January 25th 2019 starting at 10::00 PM. We hope that you all can make it to that show and we will see you at Smedley’s next weekend. One more thing, let’s hope for some better weather for that show.